Feel That Shit in Your Toes!

Post 7-3-16“My name is Chyna, the daughter of Cynthia and Ronald. I am from Chicago, Illinois, and I AM ENOUGH!” That mantra is something I came up with to reassure myself in times of doubt. It comforts my soul. Chanting it reminds me that my confidence is not based on the outside world but grows from within the walls of my body. It’s deep rooted in the recesses of my brain and planted in the soil of my subconscious. Whenever I get lost in worry or the cares of other’s opinions, I chant that to myself and come back to reality. It makes me sit a little straighter and smile a little wider. Sway my hips a little more. Love a little stronger. That mantra teaches my spirit to grow up, out, and around my fear.

Ultimately, I’m starting to feel it is okay to be myself. Hell its necessary! That urge to suppress my true feelings for the sake of others is fading fast. Faster than Oxy-Clean destroys a stain. #No filter Not maliciously, but on purpose. Knowing that my true feelings are just as important, just as needed in the conversation as anyone else’s. My world is no longer rocked when I’m not embraced by the masses because my spirit doesn’t lust after what they do. My desires are different yet equally as significant. My smile is internal. It’s not just pasted below my nose like the rules of society state. My face feels real when it used to feel frozen. Do you know how good it feels to smile because you want to?

Starting today, I want you to feel you are enough! Create your own mantra. Chant it to yourself. Over and over. Tune out the words of others. Tune out their demands. Tune out their opinions. Wrap yourself up in yourself. Feel good today knowing that you are enough. Your smile is enough. You are you and there is no one on Muva-Earth like you. Past, Present or Future. Love it, build on it, and feel that shit deep down in your toes!

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