What’s the problem with Russell Wilson kissing baby Future?


Baby Future gives Russell Wilson a kiss

In a video shared by Ciara, her son, baby Future requests a “papa kiss” from Russell Wilson. I first heard about this kiss while listening to The Breakfast Club, a morning radio show, on my drive in to work on Tuesday. The radio hosts were debating if Russell Wilson overstepped boundaries by kissing his stepson. 

One host was so disgusted and proclaimed that this kiss was a sign of disrespect to the child’s biological father, while the other hosts said this was an innocent display of affection. 

Now, I tried my hardest not to address this issue, but I have to say what’s on my heart about this topic. For the life of me, I can’t understand why people are so up in arms about baby Future kissing Russell Wilson?! This is not Ciara’s boo-thang or homey-lover-friend, it’s her husband, the child’s stepdad! 

For every woman that has an issue with the kiss, I ask: Would you want the man you’ve decided to marry to love your child like it were their own? Would you want that man to act cold and not show affection to your child from your previous relationship? Would you not want a stepdad and stepchild to build a loving relationship? Really think about it.

This is a 2 year old baby! Was Russell supposed to slap the kid away when he so sweetly asked to kiss him like he just kissed him mommy? Was he supposed to rebuff the baby’s affections? Maybe send him the message that ‘You’re not good enough to kiss me’?

For all the men that had and issue with the kiss, I ask: Do men not show affection? As a man, would you not offer your cheek to Jesus or would you rebuff him as well? No, I am not getting too deep, love is love.

hearthandsAs responsible parents, we should raise our kids to love, not numb they’re expression of such a profound emotion. As a single woman, one of my dating requirements is that a man love my child, as if it were his own, and I will do the same in return.

If Ciara and Russell decide to have a son together, will that child be able to kiss Russell and not baby Future? Ask your self is that the right thing to do?

In reality, a mother and father are NOT the only people who love on a child, it truly takes a village.

I invite you to step out of the judgmental bubble and view this topic from a 2 years olds’ perspective. Think about it and tell me how you feel now.



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2 thoughts on “What’s the problem with Russell Wilson kissing baby Future?

  1. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. People say he shouldn’t have kissed him on the lips, looks like cheek to me. My stepmother didn’t like me and it ruined my relationship with my father. People need to stop judging people they don’t know. It’s a beautiful thing loving a child.


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