Lunch Beak Chronicles

Lunch Break Chronicles

It’s sooo hard to come back to work after a 3-day weekend! You and I both know, the only ‘ME’ time you’ll get during the day is on your lunch break. Now, regular people will only use this time to eat, but………..Here are 3 things you can do (during your ‘ME TIME’) to take back your serenity.

1.       Listen to Pandora/Apple MusicStream, Stream, Stream! Zone out, vibe out, or rock out to your favorite beat! Studies have shown that music relaxes and refocuses the mind.

2.       Perform an impromptu dress rehearsalYes, I am guilty of window shopping during my lunch break! I’ll select a few cute outfits, take a dozen fitting room selfies, and put everything back on the rack, and walk out of the store. But you know what? It makes me feel great! #FittingRoomModel

3.       Step outside This may sound unnecessary but, if you work in the office, you need to get out from under those florescent lights and breathe some fresh air. Trust me, it does wonders for your soul.

I challenge you to try at least one suggestion to help you power through this work week. Remember, the reward for a great week worked is a great weekend!

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