Rules for Interacting with the Police

Disclaimer: Please excuse me while I take an ‘Interlude From Positivity’ to address some foolishness.

It has been brought to my attention that Black people need rules in order to interact properly with the police. formationstillshot

Now, it makes more sense to me to educate police officers on how to use tactical disengagement BEFORE they use deadly force, but I’ll entertain ignorance for a minute.

Just let me point out that a Black man named Charles Kinsey was shot in Miami, while sitting on the ground with his hands up! Another Black man, Terrence Crutcher, was shot in Tulsa because he was ‘perceived as a threat’, even though he was walking away from the police, with his hands up! stop-shooting-us

Even with these clearly recorded incidents, people still choose to discuss how Black people can avoid getting shot by 5-0. So, I’ve compiled my own list of rules that Black people can use during our law enforcement encounter(s):

1.       Don’t Be Black.

2.       If you are black: Rip your skin off, bleach it, then put it back on.

3.       Don’t stand, sit, walk, blink, breathe, or move any extremities too fast or too slowly.

4.       If you do run, move in serpentine patterns, in hopes of avoiding a direct hit.

5.       Pray that someone is recording the incident, so your name can become a hashtag.


All sarcasm aside, don’t give us bullshit tips on how to avoid racism AND bullets, when they’re fired.

Don’t insult our intelligence! The issue is NOT our actions. my-big-duh

Address the REAL issue, which is how Black people are perceived by law enforcement, and the false assumptions often made when some officers encounter people of color.

Because at the end of the day, Black people have the right to make it home to our families just as much as the boys and girls in blue.

–The Kinky-Haired Girl