Marley Songs

Marley Songs kinky haired girl

Feel the music

Feel it in your bones

As the marrow moves from side to side

To sway the bones, then muscles,

Then blood vessels, then skin.

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A Prayer For Our Nation

GirlPrayerI want to pray for anyone going through a loss, a hardship, a trial, any negative experience.

I pray that You continue to hold them and heal them, Lord.

I pray that they seek You for your peace and your love.

I pray that they know, that no matter how bad their circumstances, that it’s only temporary and You hold them in the palm of Your hand.

Thank you for the many blessings that You have, will, and continue to bestow upon us.

I love You.


White Gardenia Flower


I wore a flower in my hair today, for Ms. Billie Holiday.

A gardenia with petals as smooth as the Blues,

White like nurses shoes.

I wore this flower in my hair today for all the mammies

That nursed the white children they raised AND the black children they bore,

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